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Myth:Taking insulin means you’ve failed to take care of your diabetes.

Fact: Needing insulin does not mean that you have failed to manage you diabetes well. Because type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease, eventually your pancreas is just not able to keep up with your body’s need for insulin—no matter what you've done to manage your diabetes. Hence, insulin forms a part of your treatment plan for keeping your blood glucose levels at target range.

Myth: Insulin leads to weight gain.

Fact: Many patients who begin with insulin gain weight. Insulin helps your body use food more efficiently. But this problem can be resolved by balancing insulin doses with food intake. Ask your doctor and dietician for help.

Myth: Insulin injections are painful.

Fact: The modern needles are precisely designed and are very small and thin which does not hurt much.

Myth:Insulin causes hypoglycemia.

Fact: Insulin can cause a hypoglycemic episode which is mostly due to missed meals, mismatched doses of insulin shots etc. Whenever possible, insulin-using patients should practice monitoring at home, as they experience day-to-day variability in their blood glucose levels. This variability is influenced by various factors like insulin absorption rates, insulin sensitivity, exercise, stress, rates of food absorption etc. However, with the newer or long-acting insulins, hypoglycemia is less likely to occur. Nevertheless, it is wise to learn how to prevent, recognize, and treat hypoglycemia so as to avoid severe insulin reactions.

Myth: Taking insulin will cure my diabetes.

Fact: Insulin is needed for people with type 1 diabetes for survival, but does not cure the disease. Currently, there is no cure for diabetes.

Myth: Insulin is addictive.

Fact: It is unlikely to get addicted to insulin because it is a natural substance needed by your body to keep your blood glucose within normal range.

Myth: Once you start insulin, you will always stay on insulin.

Fact: People with type 1 diabetes need insulin for life, since they’re unable to produce insulin or utilize it efficiently. While people with type 2 diabetes taking insulin injections may later switch to other medications taken in pill form or decrease the amount of medication if their diabetes is under control. So, continuing to take insulin depends on how well an individual is managing his/her diabetes. Always take medications as directed by your health care provider.